" When nature encounters artists "

Discovering contemporary art is amazing when you lose yourself in the wonderful Tuscan nature.
Several artists have chosen our region for their works of art and Tuscany has always welcomed them, dedicating special natural corners to these works.
If you love contemporary art or you’re just curious to take a walk in beautiful gardens, forests and green areas with sculptures and art installations, here you can find some tips!

1. Chianti Art Park
In Montespertoli, few km from here, this park is tiny but nice. It’s an open air museum showing the eternal relationship between art and nature.

2. Chianti Sculpture Park
In Pievasciata, just few km from Siena, there’s this beautiful example of art park. During your walk you will discover sculptures by International artists and art installations that you can not only see but also touch and enjoy, such as a maze, a bridge or a gate. In this natural context art works acquire interesting meanings.The visitors are actors and not only watchers. It’s an amazing way to come closer to art also for children!

3. Mauro Staccioli’s installations
All around Volterra’s district.
Volterra city is rich in art from different historical periods but it has a special interest also for contemporary art. Mauro Staccioli (an artist originating from Volterra) has decided to install his works all around in the countryside. If you are curious to discover all his works you just need to go at the tourist office in the main square of the city; they will give you a map of the surroundings with all the sculptures by Staccioli and the itinerary to follow.

4. Selva di Sogno – Dreamwoods Sculpture park
Stone art in Casole d’Elsa countryside. This park collects art works by Deva Manfredo. He uses stones and rocks to create wonderful mandalas, buildings and art installations in forest and fields. This park is 10 Ha big and host more than 100 works by him.

5. Enzo Pazzagli art park
This wonderful park in Florence welcomes families and visitors with Enzo Pazzagli’s art.
A way to enjoy art in a nice natural context. The colourful world of Pazzagli’s sculptures will introduce you to contemporay artists.

6. Pinocchio’s Park
In Collodi, the town of the most famous puppet, there’s a park dedicated to his tale. Part of the park is a monumentary garden with art sculpture by several artists, representing characters from the tale. The visit could pair children and art activities together!

7. Fattoria di Celle
In Santomato, near Pistoia. Gori art collection is inside the property of this farm. You will visit both the garden outside, with sculptures and intallations outdoor and some rooms of the villa and of the farm where you can find some interesting sculptures or installations involving the room itself. This Tuscan farm hosts works of art by artist from all over the world and you can visit it only with an appointment with a guide.

8. Daniel Spoerri’s Garden
Close to Seggiano (Grosseto), another park hosts an art collection in a natural area. A way to feel human art and nature work at every step you take. You can also decide to sleep or eat there enjoying the place in a more private way!

Tuscany host a large number of art gardens and parks, here at this link you can find more suggestions and tips about where to go to find art in nature and to meet some of the artists!

All these parks and gardens are special corners to discover and we suggest to try at least 1 or 2 of them, to enjoy in an unusual and real interesting way Chianti and Tuscany.

Have a good art experience!