" Ferie delle Messi in San Gimignano "

The beautiful city of San Gimignano is one of the most famous place to visit in Tuscany.
With its towers is wellknown all over the world to be the Manhattan of Middle Age!
The history of this small city is really interesting and of course you cannot miss a visit during your holiday here.

Sovigliano Farmhouse is only 20 km far from it!

Especially in the third weekend of June there is one more reason to go to San Gimignano: the Ferie delle Messi (Crop Festival), a Medieval Festival where the city goes back to the past and all the inhabitants participate to this event.
This festival, which was celebrated by the entire population as recurrence priority crops, was a source of fun with songs, dances, games and knights challenges (carousel sticks).
One of the elements of Crop Festival (first organized in October 1994) will be the big parade, in which colors, objects, and numerous characters symbolically express the relationship between earth and fertility.
The ritual of the blessing of the horses of the four districts of the city, the carousel of sticks, the game of tug of war, the medieval market.
Through the streets and squares of San Gimignano will be markets of medieval arts and crafts. storytellers, actors and musicians.
Enjoy this event if you’re staying here for that weekend, it’s a different way to visit one of the city protected by UNESCO!

Here you can find the complete program.