" Etruscans, Ancient Romans, alabaster and truffles all in one day! "

One of the most undiscovered and interesting cities of Central Tuscany is Volterra, a wonderful city where many different peoples of the past have left their traces.
Etruscan people (Tuscany inhabitants before and during the first Roman Empire) called it Velàthri and they were the first to found this city.
Inside the city walls you can discover the history of this ancient people visiting Guarnacci Etruscan Museum and searching traces of their passage especially observing the old gates of the city; for example Porta All’Arco is a good example of Etruscan architecture.

Volterra has always been considered in a good position, dominating the surrounding hills and for this reason was important for Etruscan first, but then also for Roman people.
The Roman theatre is one of the monument discovered in the 50’s and is a wonderful monument to visit; during the summertime it’s also a real theatre with events taking place there!
During the Middle Age and the Renaissance the city was considered a good place between PisaFlorence and Siena because it was on the road to the sea and on the road of salt, really good for commercial exchanges.

Volterra is also known as the Alabaster city: this stone is one of the most important product of Tuscany and the alabaster artisans from Volterra are considered the best in the country. With this kind of stone they produce all kind of objects and it’s a typical product since the first Etruscan settled there.

Another product more interesting for those who love good food is the truffle.
Every year in Volterra city centre there is a big event about truffles!
Volterra Gusto with the White Truffle Market will start next weekend, for all the weekends of October and it’s something to not miss and a good way to discover both the city and its products.

Volterra is maybe not as famous as San Gimignano, Pisa or other bigger cities but we are sure you will discover a wonderful place and this tip for your holiday will help you to visit a not so common part of Tuscany!