" Become a potter for one day! "

Sovigliano Farmhouse is located in the heart of artisan Tuscany, surrounded by art wonders and artisans’ shops that could open their doors to you!

During your holiday here, while visiting Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and their beautiful histories and arts, you could also go inside a potter shop, where you could learn the first rudiments of his /her craft, with a short course of half a day.

You could choose between different school of pottery, using different techniques.
Each artisan is a wonderful artist, creating something special and unique inside the shop and with this short course you will become a potter for one day, bringing a piece of Tuscany together with you at home.

Here at Sovigliano we are really glad to suggest the best choice for you and to book this special experience for you and your family, during your holiday in Chianti.