" Tuscan cheeses tasting "

The best way to learn more about Tuscan pecorino cheese and the huge choice of Tuscan cheeses is to meet the shepherds!

Here in Tuscany most of the cheese factories are small businesses where normally the shepherd is at the same time the cheese producer.

Visiting these farms you will learn a lot about a tasty food product of the region and you will see all the production step, from the herd till the cheese!

Staying here at Sovigliano you will taste a part of these cheeses, because we choose for our guests only local products and we are very glad to explain you how to reach their producers.

If you are interesting in meeting them, you have lots of choices: from the shepherd with his herd, producing pecorino, till the middle farm with both goats and sheeps to have a huger choice of cheeses, together with olive oil and wine or till the shepherd wellknown for his wonderful ricotta cheese. So it’s up to you: what kind of experience are you searching for? We have the right answer!