" Traditions and festival from a crazy period! "

Carnival in Tuscany means Viareggio Carnival for most of the people. In Viareggio there is one of the most important Carnival Parade of the whole region. 
It is not a festival like in Venice, with ancient and traditional costumes, but it celebrates the satirical aspect of the period.

In fact, in Viareggio the parade floats represent the main events of the past year: political events and people, together with the representation of the most important things happening during the year.
The satire addresses the problems of Italian society, taking also a look at the international facts.
Each float tells a story and normally ridicules politicians and men of power of all over the world, celebrating the ancient meaning of this festival with the typical society overturning, that comes from the Saturnalia (read here to have more informations).
The floats parade on Sunday, during the period of Carnival, that this year has started last Sunday (February 12th).

Together with this parade, there are the normal masks and costumes of children and people laughing and joking around with confetti.
Going there you will have confetti everywhere for about a week later, but it’s the price to pay to have a lot of fun during a mad festival!
Carnival motto sais ‘during Carnival all tricka are allowed’, go there and you will understand what does it mean!