" A new way to travel to Chianti "

We know Summer holidays are now history and you are now thinking about your holidays in Chianti in a wistful mood! Or maybe you’ve never visited us but you would like to know what you can find in Tuscany

In this rainy and grey November we have the solution!
Do you want to discover Tuscan landscapes, gentle hills and Chianti colours?
We have the right recipe to survive to this cold season waiting for your next sunny Tuscan holiday. Here what you need: a comfortable couch, pop corn and a warm blanket.
Oh yes, we are ready for nights and nights of movies taking place in the wonderful Tuscan landscape!

We can start with a classic: in the Chianti hills there is a girl dancing alone. Stealing beauty, by Bernardo Bertolucci takes place in the heart of Chianti region, with its breath-taking landscapes and atmosphere you can discover a country made of warm colours and charming hills.

With a really serious plot, but with some light Tuscan humour, Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni is the movie to discover Cortona and Arezzo, together with the typical Tuscanity.In the last 

years the narrow street of Florence city centre have been animated by Ron Howard and his Inferno with chases and runs all around the city and in wonderful Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery. If you like action movies in an ancient and historical city you have to watch Inferno.

If you love tv-series maybe you have already watched Medici – Masters of Florence, about the Medici family and their Signoria.
If you have lost this series, find and watch it: you have to learn something about the most important family of Florence ever!

Are you a spy stories lovers? Also James Bond has been in Tuscany in the last period…
007: Quantum of Solace has some action scenes in Siena city centre, during ther Palio race!

If we didn’t mentioned any kind of movies you like or if you’re just tired about watching and watching again these movies, you can wait few months more: other new movies are coming from Tuscany landscape; we know one of these will talk about Michelangelo.

This is a short list but movies about Tuscany are a lot!
Now you have only to choose, realx on the couch and dream about Tuscany and Chianti in front of the tv screen, waiting to come back here. And maybe you will have some new places to discover...