" Keith Haring and Pisa "

Everybody knows the writer Keith Haring, the artist from United States with his wonderful multi-coloured men and animals, but maybe you don’t know at the end of the 80’s he came to Tuscany.

During 1989 he came to Pisa, the city of the leaning tower, to make one of the few permanent work of his art: Tuttomondo.

Haring was already ill in this period and it was consider the last public work of his life, but differently from other works by him, this one has to remain forever on Sant’Antonio church wall.

If you are thinking to visit Pisa for the tower and the cathedral, don’t forget to visit this beautiful art work in the heart of Pisa.
In front of it there is a nice café where you can sit down and admire the wall outside.

Other Haring’s works were thought to disappear with the passage of time, replaced maybe by other street works and graffiti, but in Pisa he decided to create something special, to leave a sort of manifesto of life, to represent with colours and friendly characters the world surrounding him.
For the city of Pisa was consider a big gift and the city is still keeping it in a good way.

Keith Haring is one of the many foreign artists falling in love with Tuscany and “tuscanity” and Pisa gave him the possibility to leave his traces here, to dedicate something wonderful to the region and to Italy in general.

Tuscany is always rich in ancient historical monuments and with Keith Haring’s Tuttomondo it opens its doors to contemporary and future art!