" Walking in the protected area of Badia a Passignano "

Area protetta di Badia a Passignano (Protected Area of Badia a Passignano) is now well signaled and you can walk through it during your trekking in Chianti nature.

It’s a natural area of 364 hectares with its starting point from the Monastery of Badia a Passignano and in almost the totality of the area hunting is forbidden, because there are some protected species.

A place that host culture, natural beauties and relaxing corners to rest with the peaceful sounds of singing birds.

With the new information panels you will learn more about what you can encounter during your walk.
This area is really important for some species of plants like Maggiociondolo, a small tree with beautiful yellow flowers that grows in the most ancient part of the wood and normally it’s not typical for these kind of territory.

You cannot find here routes to follow but you are totally free to follow your own path, maybe just being attracted by a special kind of flowers to discover and shoot with a camera or followeing a birdflying from branch to branch.
There are about 52 species of birds living in this area and of them are protected because they are risking extintion in the entire Europe.

We suggest you to go there during the months of April or may, when the plants are blossoming and you can enjoy the different aromas of nature, of course if you have no allergies to plants’ pollen!