" Tips to discover Tuscany through its food traditions "

If you like good food and are curious enough to try new flavours, you can find a lot of ideas and suggestions to follow.

Dedicate one or two days of your holiday to a trip into traditions and taste!

1 – Visit a winery or an olive mill

Tuscany is famous for wine and olive oil, so why don't you choose a winery to visit or you join one of the several wine and oil events of the region? It’s a very good way to taste good products and learn something more about the main product of Chianti: its wine.

2 – Visit a brewery

Maybe wine is famous, but craft breweries have some interesting and new brewery products that you cannot miss! Near here you can find several breweries suggesting tastings and guided tours. An experience to discover an unusual face of Chianti.

3 – Cheeses and local dairy productions

We have a lot of small cheese producers where you can find a huge variety of dairy products. A lot of small producers, having their own sheeps are happy to tell you everything from the beginning of the production until the dairy shop, using milk to produce very good cheeses, in different and creative ways.

If you are a cheese lover, you will find the good tasting tour for you, few km from Sovigliano!

This could be a one day trip or just a snack break on a bigger trip!

4 – Cooking classes

Are you the kind of person who want to touch and learn something with his own hands?

A good cooking class can be the right way to have a touch of Tuscany, bringing some new lessons back home.

There are cooking classes about pasta, pizza, sauces and traditional recipes. You have just to choose the right lessons for your curiosity! Home lessons, big courses lessons, few hours, one day, 3 days: you will come back home with interesting experience to share with friends!

5 - Weekly street market

Everyday around the small villages of Tuscany, there is one with a market. It's the best way to take fresh good products, clothes, flowers, everything! Normally a part of the market is dedicated to food: bread, cold cuts, meat, cheese, fresh fish, vegetables and fruit, roasted products, you can find in a market all these things together and select the one you prefer.

Ask us a list of the surrounding markets and you'll enjoy a morning with Tuscan people!

6 - Chocolate and biscuits

Cantuccini are the most famous biscuits in Chianti. They're the best combination with Vinsanto and one of the most ancient recipe of the region. Just few km from Sovigliano, an artisanal factory produces cantuccini and chocolate. All the year long they have a shop and tasting room where you can enjoy, discover and buy these local products! Their biscuits are produced with one of the most ancient recipe!

7 – Festivals and fairs

Summertime is full of food fairs and festivals, where you can discover the passion we have here in Tuscany for food traditions and for staying together doing parties with lots of people!

Of course fairs are organised all the year long, but the most of them take part from Spring till the end of December.

There’s a food fair for everything (including Tuscan street foods, frogs, good air…), because when Tuscan people starts to feel milder weather, we have to go out after work, to meet friends, enjoy spring or summer together with other people, chatting, talking, telling stories and, of course, taste and enjoy good food!