" Leonardo da Vinci "

New year means new ideas for your holiday tips here in Sovigliano. So in 2018 we have decided to start giving you travel suggestions from a new point of view: places to visit searching for big women and men that have left their traces in human history.

These personalities have contributed to give Tuscany its importance in the world and now it is well known as land of scientistsartistsinventorsdreamersphilosophersexplorers, brilliant minds and not only wonderful landscapes.

From Tuscany this women and men have started to write their history and to take their place in the world history or they have just find a land for their ispiration, coming here from foreign lands; in both cases Tuscany influenced their lives and works.

The first important man we want to talk about is one of the most famous in the world: Leonardo da Vinci.

He was born in Vinci in 1452 (to be more specific in Anchiano, a small village near Vinci) and he will become one the most genial mind of all ages, being a wonderful artist, a discerning scientist, a really acute inventor and very famous and requested also in his own age.

His studies concern optics, physics, anatomy, geology, paleontology and more and have influenced the modern world. He was a modern scientist with a modern way of discovering new fields of the human knowledge.

This year (2018) could be considered Leonardo’s year. Another Leonardo (Di Caprio in this case) will play the role of Da Vinci in a biographical movie coming to the cinema in 2018.

But in if you will be in Florence in 2018, maybe you can discover part of the Leonardo’s works in an important exhibition!

We all know about the big resonance still have in our modern world and in this period a lot of people have talked about one specific work: Leicester Codex.
This codex was bought by Bill Gates (yes, Microsoft Bill Gates) in 1994 for 30,8 millions dollars.
It’s a collection of 72 pages with drawings, illustrations and notes about different matters of studies.
In 1994 when Gates bought it they thought it was one of the highest price ever for Leonardo’s works, but in 2017 another of his works has received a higher quote: the Salvator Mundi that was bought last november in New York for 450,3 millions dollars.
Salvator Mundi, originally from Milan, has never come back to Italy to be shown, but Leicester Codex has come back several times.
This collection was originally from Florence and in 2018 it will come back to the city, for Il Codice Leicester di Leonardo da Vinci. L’acqua microscopio della natura.
This exhibition will take place from October 29th to January 20th 2019 at Uffizi Gallery.
There will be Bill Gates, too? Nobody knows...

More informations about the exhibition

It’s easy to visit Vinci while you’re staying here at Sovigliano: Leonardo’s city is less than 1 hour driving from us and there you can visit his house and an interesting museum that's good for children, too!