" A bridge between Chianti and New York "

This is the title of the graphic novel you can see in the picture, by Fabio Delvò (http://www.corriere.it/la-lettura/graphic-novel/?refresh_ce-cp) on Corriere della Sera online, an Italian newspaper. 
This novel is about the link between New York City and Chianti, passing through a bridge, Verrazzano Bridge.
Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in Greve in Chianti, near Florence. His family had properties there and today in the main square of Greve in Chianti there is a statue of the explorer.
On April 17 1524, Verrazzano was the first explorer to discover New York Bay, before Hudson who gave his name to the bay. 

Every 17th of April New York and Greve in Chianti celebrate Verrazzano expedition in America. 
A small Chianti village and a big metropolis in U.S. linked by one man.

Do you know the history behind the man? Her you can have a short version.
King of France asked Verrazzano to find a way to Pacific Ocean. Spanish people had already explored a lot of the new continent finding natural resources and new people. Verrazzano had to go in the northern part of the coast.

Four ships left France to go to America, just one arrived.
After 2 months in the ocean, Verrazzano arrived on U.S. coast, finding friendly people, he said.
On April 17 1524 Verrazzano with his ship “Dauphine” arrived in New York Bay and explored the area around Hudson’s mouth.

Verrazzano continued exploring the coast in other parts of the America. They lost his traces during one of these expeditions more south.

Some historians say he was probably taken by people from Bahamas and killed in 1528.