" Thermal springs and wellness centres near the Chianti "

If you’re staying in Chianti in October, when Fall changes the colours of the trees and the countryside smells of wine and olive oil, maybe you’re interesting in doing something relaxing and amazing like a bath in thermal waters.

Tuscany has a long tradition of thermal wellness, from the most famous and ancient springs, also known by Etruscan people, to the most modern wellness centre, for Tuscan people is really important to take care of their own body and mind.

Mens sana in corpore sano” said a Roman proverb and in Tuscany we agree with this proverb!

Taking care of body together with relaxing mind bring us directly in the surroundings of the Amiata Mountain, where a series of springs comes out to restore us.
Bagno Vignoni is one of this restoring place, with its wonderful pool of thermal water in the middle of the village. In the Spa centre in the same square you can enjoy wellness packages and the healthy touch of waters.
In the same geographical area you can discover Bagni San Filippo and Saturnia, famous for its springs since the Etruscan period (before the Roman people). 
The Etruscans were really interesting and attentive about body care and health.

The whole Tuscany has an ancient tradition for thermal springs, thanks to its geothermic properties.
So also in the northern part of Tuscany you can find some famous thermal springs, like in Montecatini Terme. This city was really famous since the beginning of the past century for its healthy water and it was a holiday destination for princes and emperors that came there to relax and restore themeselves.

The last suggestion is the new wellness centre in Florence, for those searching for a nice break just outside the house: Asmana Wellness Centre
Here you will find packages and relaxing paths coming from the international tradition of thermal and wellness centre, with a huge choice of treatments.

In this rainy and so changing season, with the first cold days of the Autumn we need some restoring places to relax!
And you?