The products of the Sovigliano holiday farm are all genuine and healthy, and are grown without the use of pesticides, meaning that they are available in limited quantities. The estate is proud to offer its guests the products of all its hard work:

Chianti Colli Fiorentini red wine, a generous and rigorous Chianti, never the same from one year to the next (every vintage has different characteristics), with a beautiful ruby red colour and great body. Slightly tannic, it is perfect for pairing with roast meats or game, and also excellent with mature cheeses, grilled meats and foil-baked fish.

Extra virgin olive oil: the olives are picked by hand and milled using the traditional cold method and the oil is allowed to settle naturally. It is particularly delicious used raw but is also excellent and very healthy when used to cook a whole range of Mediterranean dishes.

Grappa and Nocino, the grappa made from our fresh marc, distilled in copper stills according to the traditional method. Natural or aged, or with the addition of our walnuts to transform it into the most delicious Nocino.

Vin Santo, aged for an average of 8/10 years, in oak or chestnut wood casks. Excellent, velvety but very dry, the ideal accompaniment for biscuits and pastries and for mature cheeses, but also delicious when drizzled over fruit salads or served as a refined aperitif.