" History and folklore in the Renaissance city "

Florence on June is full of great emotions and new feelings for you, Travellers.

From the beginning of June the Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Florence historical soccer game) matches are taking place in the city.

This sport, only suitable for muscular and strong men, has 4 teams representing 4 historical district of the city centre: Santa Croce (the blue team), Santo Spirito (the white team), Santa Maria Novella (the red team) and San Giovanni (the green team).

Santa Croce Square is the “battlefield” from the very first match. Every June the square comes back in the 16th century and becomes the dusty and dirty square it was in the past, without flagstone. 

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino was born in the 16th century and it's a wrestlingrugby and soccer mix

The first giudeline of the sport were written in 1580 by Giovanni de' Bardi. In the first centuries this game was played only by young aristocrats every night before Epiphany and before Lent. Now Calcio Storico takes place only in the month of June with the final match on June 24th, Saint John's day.

There are a ball27 players for each team, they can use both hands and feet as in rugby rules, there is a specific area of the field where you have to throw the ball to score points or “cacce”, as the points are called. 
It's a fight to win in historical costume! And the prize for the winner is...a Chianina heifer.

The final match takes always place on June 24th, Saint John's day, the protector of Florence. 

Don't miss the match, because is part of the celebrations for the saint. 
From the afternoon you could see the parade in historical costume and the best flag twirlers of the surroundings.
This is the most important day of the year for Florentine people and it's a real local festival. 
We suggest you to stay until night, because watching the wonderful fireworks along the river Arno is one of the most spectacular show you can see during your holiday in Tuscany.